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4G Jetski Tracker

New Product
4G Jetski Tracker

Track your stolen Jetski with the Jetski Army Tracker. This is a low current GPS tracker that uses 4G cellular network to report current location data to Web, APP or SMS free tracking software with no monthly tracking subscriptions (like all the rest). Simply purchase your favourite prepaid SIM and install into your Jetski using the pre made harness. Supports 2 Stroke, 4 Stroke and has a generic harness option for any other Jetski or boat.

This low current IP65 water resistant tracker simply plugs into your existing Jetski harness so no wiring alterations are required. In standby mode it uses less than 20 mA of current so will not flatten your battery (however, like normal we recommend using a battery manager when not using your Jetski for long periods of time like months..)

You can query your Jetski location via a website (, the APP or SMS to return the current location. The system uses minimal data on your SIM (around 20c per month with the provider we use) because of the trackers unique standby system. The tracker will hibernate only sending new location data if it detects movement saving power consumption and the chance of a flat battery.

Our harness option will expand in the future, however a generic option is available that includes wiring, decent length of corrugated plastic and terminals. You will need to simply solder them together.

Loom, Lugs and Conduit ONLY assumes you have a soldering iron and are capable of crimping battery terminals and using corrigated tube. We will provide the bare wires, battery terminals and 1m of corrigated tube. You solder it together - simple.

All Other Ski Pre-Made Loom assumes you dont have a soldering iron and we will make the loom for you using the battery terminals, corrigated plasic, heat shrint tube all done for you.

Kawasaki Pre-Made Loom assumes we will make the loom for you using the battery terminals, corrigated plasic, heat shrink tube all done for you but includes a special plug for Kawasaki Jet Ski's only that reads ignition information.

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4G Tracker Specification

Jetski Army Jetski GPS Tracker App

Track Your Path

$150.00 AUD
List price
$175.00 AUD
You save
$25.00 AUD (14%)
Availability: Amount
Select pre made loom.
Include ALDI SIM with $5 Credit. (Australia Only)
If you are on the Gold Coast, Australia we can install this for you.
Total $150.00 AUD