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If you have something to say then share it! Articles are the best way to share knowledge.

Ok, Whats this all about?

It makes me wonder how on earth we used to keep our old stand-up jet skis going in the early days before Facebook, Forums or communities.  Seems that a can of “Aerostart” and a hell of a lot of dragging her out of the water – dead, was the norm.

It wasn’t until I revised the stand-up and runabout  jet ski scenes a decade or two later to find a whole community of enthusiasts, professional old and new school racers and part manufacturers all chipping away to make the sport great again. Its like we are all cut form a similar cloth.

Whilst Facebook and forums are great the same questions and answers pop up daily making it hard to share our knowledge and advertise our brand-new product. 

It’s just a bit hard when it does not need to be.
First Standup Jet Ski

How it works?

Jetski Army is designed to map rides to articles to part manufacturers – simple.

Once you register you select your primary ride and the website then maps all the relevant information together for you. You can easily see articles written by the professionals and experienced manufacturers both old and new school.

These articles, instead of being repeated in Facebook Groups can be easily accessible and map to relevant products giving the end rider the right information to get back out there on the water!

How can I contribute?

Many of the articles in this website have been written by people with over 40 years’ experience in this industry with backgrounds around racing, manufacturing and jet ski engine mechanics.  It’s their generosity that revitalised this sport for a lot of us and as a community this is the place to share the knowledge.

We cannot afford to lose this information as it is so valuable.

If you wish to write an article or have a part that we need to know about then submit your article to get it up on this site.

How can I get the most out of my product listing?

If you want to highlight your product or your physical store, then subscribe to Jetski Army. For an extremely low price per month you can highlight your product or service. Find out more about Jetski Army affordable subscriptions now!