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June 2024

Diving into the Jet Ski Community: Tips and Insights for Beginners

We asked the Jet Ski Army community for tips on starting in the sport. Despite a few negative comments, the majority provided valuable advice. Our AI minions crunched the responses to create a comprehensive guide for beginners, ensuring a safe and enjoyable jet skiing journey.


June 2024

Found the Perfect Drone to Track My Jetski Riding – and It Terrifies Me

Flying a drone over water is terrifying due to control risks and the unstable environment. The Skydio 2+ with AI and GPS excels at this but is now only a commercial-grade option, limiting hobbyists. DJI drones are a viable but challenging alternative. Stay tuned for my top 10 tips for flying over water. For details, visit DJI's official website.

Article Pumps - 440 vs 550
September 2018

Pumps - 440 vs 550

There is plenty of controversy among 440/550 owners about “what is the best pump?”. We have done a great deal of testing and evaluation to answer this question.

Article 400 and 440 Modifications
September 2018

400 and 440 Modifications

There are still some nice 440’s out there - and - contrary to the “bigger is better” crowd - a well prepped 440 will run with most 550’s and run away from many.

Article Trailer Bearings Seals and Spindle Repair        
September 2018

Trailer Bearings Seals and Spindle Repair        

When getting ready for my annual trip to World finals I had some maintenance that needed to be done to my trailer. Thought I would share with you the process..

Article Measuring Engine Reliability
September 2018

Measuring Engine Reliability

More than ever before, 2stroke PWC owners are retro-fitting larger motors into older hulls.  The primary intent is two-fold.