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Jetski World Tracker Registration

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Jetski World Tracker Registration


To ensure a smooth registration process for customers of the Jetski Army Tracker, please follow these steps:

  1. This is the Registration Page: Act as though you are purchasing a new tracker. You will not be asked for any credit card information.

  2. Enter ID Number: Customers will need to locate the last 5 digits of the ID number found either on the tracker itself or on the side of the box. They should enter these digits in the appropriate field on the registration form. If purchasing multiple just enetr with a comma like (43654, 87654, 43187).

  3. Select Reseller Registration: When prompted for payment options, customers must select the "Reseller Registration" option. This ensures that they will not be charged for the registration process.

  4. Complete Registration: After entering the required information and selecting the reseller registration option at checkout, customers should submit the order to complete their registration.

  5. Confirmation and Processing: Upon submission, the registration will be processed. Customers will receive an email within a few hours containing their login details, user manuals, and all necessary information to begin using their Jetski Army Tracker.

By following these steps, customers will be registered efficiently and receive all the information they need without any costs involved. If there are any issues or questions during the registration process, please contact your place of purchase for assistance.

Thank you for choosing our Jetski Army Tracker solution. We appreciate your business and are committed to providing you with the best possible experience. If you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our support team. Welcome to the Jetski Army family!




Unmatched Performance
The Tracker Mark 2 features advanced GPS technology, enabling you to track speed, route, and location with exceptional accuracy. Its robust construction is designed to withstand the marine environment, providing durability against water, salt, and sunlight exposure.

Effortless Installation and Connectivity
Enjoy the convenience of "bolt and play" installation with the Jetski Army Tracker Mark 2. The device comes with an international SIM, eliminating the need to source and install your own SIM card, unlike the original version. This means seamless global connectivity without the hassle. The included SIM card has enough credit to last approximately 2-3 years, and we proactively contact you for a recharge when your credit runs low – it's that simple! No need to open the unit; just bolt it to your battery, and you're set to go.

Comprehensive App Support
With the Jetski Army Tracker app for iOS and Android, managing your maritime journeys becomes a breeze. Monitor your trips in real-time, access historical data, and adjust device settings effortlessly through a user-friendly interface.

Durable and Protective
The Tracker Mark 2 is safeguarded with a silicon sock, enhancing its durability and protection against the elements. This ensures the tracker remains operational and reliable, even in challenging marine conditions.

Battery Maintenance Recommendation
Consistent with the advice of all jetski and small battery vehicle manufacturers, we recommend using a battery maintainer to ensure your jetski's battery remains charged and ready for action. This simple step can significantly extend the life and reliability of your battery, ensuring you can hit the water whenever the mood strikes.

Free Fast Local & International Shipping
To support our global community of jetski enthusiasts, we offer free international shipping. Wherever your adventures lead, the Jetski Army Tracker Mark 2 is within easy reach.

Your Adventure Awaits
Embark on your water-bound adventures with confidence and sophistication. The Jetski Army Tracker Mark 2 transcends typical GPS functionality, offering a comprehensive, worry-free navigation and security solution.

Ready to revolutionize your riding experience? Purchase the Jetski Army Tracker Mark 2 today, complete with hassle-free connectivity and global reach. Start your journey towards smarter, safer, and more thrilling jetski adventures now!
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Tracker ID
Enter the last 5 digits of the ID barcode numbers on the side of the box, and if you have multiple trackers, separate each ID number with a comma.
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Last 5 Digits

You will find the last 5 digits of your tracker ID on the side of the box.


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