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Articles / Workshop / Trailer Bearings Seals and Spindle Repair        

Trailer Bearings Seals and Spindle Repair        

17 September 2018
Article Trailer Bearings Seals and Spindle Repair        
Now seeing as how most of us are riding skis that are 25 years old or more, I’m gonna guess that most of our trailers are in that same age category. This means that the seals on your trailer are as bad,  or worse than the seals in that last $200 Jet Ski you bought and throws grease everywhere but back into the bearings it’s meant for.

Now replacing bearings and seals is a pretty simple deal, but you may have more wrong than just a bad axle seal. After 25+ years of heading to your favorite riding spot those axle spindles may have grooves worn in them like your Jet Ski driveline.

Now hold on. Before you go buying a new axle for that $200 trailer you’ve got, you may have an alternative fix. There are spindle repair kits for most axles and the cost with a new seal is about $20 a pair. 
They are made in most sizes.  Mine were Bearing Buddy Brand but there are others. Simple design is a stainless sleeve that fits over the damaged surface and a new seal that is that same outer size as original but a slightly larger size inner diameter to allow for the sleeve.

So for you $ you get 2 sleeves, two O rings and two new inner wheel seals.
My spindles were wasted as you can see in pics and for $20 I ran a 1500 mile round trip to Lake Havasu in 100 degree weather and didn’t lose any grease.


 By Bob Phares


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