As you enter a corner on your water craft, the inertia is trying to keep you in the direction you were previously traveling. You lean into the corner and dig in the rails on the side of the ski to stop this happening you are fighting the centrifugal force to get your ski to go around the corner. If you are traveling slow then the rails have enough grip in the water to fight the inertia of the ski going in a certain direction and will happily guide you through the turn.

The faster you go the more momentum you have and so the rails have a harder job to do and you pull the ski over more to dig in more rail to make the turn.


As you go faster again you get to the point that you do not have enough grip in the water and so you have to either drop your speed entering the corner or have the back of the ski slide out.

Enter the Sponson

The sponson gives you another edge out for the water to hold onto and thus allows your corner speed to become higher. This gives you added confidence on the water and allows you to really dig the ski in on the turns. 

Why Our Billet Sponsons?

Well there is a few reasons,

  • It looks awesome and adds to the look of your ski and not make it look like its an add on
  • Billet alloy is a rigid system and when you’re in mid corner and the water is banging on your ski the last thing you need is flexing from your sponsons. At no stage do you want a control surface flexing on a ski. This just adds to uncertain handling as you are dealing with the water movement and now your dealing with the handling characteristics changing as you go around the corner.
Depending on your body weight and where you stand on the ski depends on how hard the rails are working on your ski. If you stand forward, you will find the load on the rails is further forward. If you’re a rider that likes to stand at the back, you will find the turning load is on the back of the ski. The same goes for a heavy rider but it is more pronounced. The wax racing products sponsons allow you to move them backwards and forwards up to 100mm. This is a simple change and it’s all done without drilling extra holes in your hull. You can pull up at the beach and adjust them and be back out on the water testing in under 5 minutes. Nobody else offers you this adjustability. No body can tell you where your sponsons are supposed to go they can only give you recommendations based on their riding style and setup.

Our sponsons are made with a .005mm tolerance and this means you know they are true and will not give you unpredictable handling.

  • The wax racing sponsons are anodized billet alloy these will look awesome for years to come and will never warp in the sun
  • Strength, unlike other sponsons out there, the wax racing products have a unique clamping system. You are not relying on three bolts twisting on your bond line. We clamp the sponsons to the bond line with a thread plate the sits behind and pulls up tight, these will never come loose.
By Wax Racing