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Articles / Standup / 550 Ignition Blues

550 Ignition Blues

06 November 2019
Article 550 Ignition Blues
  1. Sround the ebox to the engine, it came factory with a 12g wire from box to intake manifold. I recommend replacing the flimsy little wire with a standard battery cable ground. 
  2. Stock mag cover cap has a pressure bleed hole, find a cap for mag cover that is oem. 
  3. Stock coil is copper core plug wires and the stock plug caps are wire none resistor type. 
  4. Stock plugs on pre 92 are none resistor plugs. 
  5. Stock gap is .032 with 120psi comp,  subtract .001 gap for every 10psi comp added.  So 180psi needs to be .022-.024. Any more gap then that will cause exh heat build up in ignition components and they will live short lives. 
  6. If you run a resistor plug do not exceed .022 gap, Doing so will damage the ignition. 
  7. Turning the engine over without caps grounded to engine will damage internals of the ignition. 
  8. Not having engine to ebox ground  allows spark energy to ground through the stator and build exc heat. 
  9. Remove woodruff key and lap flywheel with oil based valve lapping compound to get full taper contact and proper flywheel seating depth.  Flywheel magnets need to be centered over stator for full spark and charging potential and accurate timing. 
  10. Skip anyone of these and your stator will fail in less then a year at above stock rpm. 
Stock ignition is very weak and fragile, proper care and setup are Crucial to high revving high comp engine if you want your stator and ignition parts to live. 
Also recommend splitting your ebox a few times a year to make sure it stays clean and dry inside. 
You can also add a small piece of sponge to bottom of ebox this way if you do get wet inside it reduce splashing and help contain moisture.
NOTE, most new plug caps are resistor type, running a resistor cap with a resistor plug will overheat the ignition and break it down.
Tim Tynan



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