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Articles / Standup / In Tank Fuel Filter Check Valve Modification

In Tank Fuel Filter Check Valve Modification

21 September 2018
Article In Tank Fuel Filter Check Valve Modification

Hey Guys. Here's a Primer / Choke Replacement trick that I've used for years when blocking off my dash plate and removing all the excess fuel lines, valves, choke cables, rev limiters etc on my modified skis. It has worked very well for me and others who have utilized it correctly. As always, check out our FILES at the top of this page to learn more about tips and tricks of maintaining and modifying your JS440 / JS550 JS550SX.

*Short length of ¼” I.D. Fuel line
*Side Cutters
*K-D Tool #424 or Gear Wrench Tool #3955
*In Tank Fuel Filter / Check Valve #30265 by WSM
(Also may cross reference to SeaDoo #414-865-700 or Polaris #7052301. In tank fuel filter with check valve prevents fuel from flowing back into fuel tank.  It keeps the fuel system primed and reduces the need for a primer, primer bulb or OEM Choke.)
*Two Oetiker Clamps – Size 11 mm or 3/8”
*Metal Fuel pick up tube assembly.

Photo1-(1).jpgPicture  #1

Measure the depth of the fuel tank you are going to use and be sure to allow for 1/8” clearance from the base of the tank. The main pick up tube (short one) was cut to a length of 8 1/8”.  I am using a stock OEM Kawasaki 440/550 Jet Ski fuel tank for this modification.  Your main filter pick up should look like picture #2.

Picture #2

Measure and cut a short length of ¼” I.D. fuel line as shown in photo #3.  Slide fuel line and the Oetiker clamp onto fuel line and crimp onto the filter as shown in photo #4

Picture #3

Photo4.jpgPicture #4

Place the other Oetiker clamp up the fuel inlet tube first in order to slide it back down onto fuel hose once placed on metal fuel pick up tube.  Slide the previously assembled fuel line and filter assembly onto fuel pick up tube and press Oetiker clamp over fuel line.  Crimp the Oetiker clamp in place as shown in photo #5

Picture #5

Your finished product should look like the one in photo #6.
Be sure to re-install your flat rubber gasket, fuel, vent and return lines in their proper location.

Picture #6

This In tank fuel filter with check valve prevents fuel from flowing back into fuel tank but will require a bit of a prime at the beginning of each season.  It is designed to keep the fuel system primed and reduces the need for a primer, primer bulb or OEM Choke assembly.  Other factors such as bad crank seals, worn carburetor diaphragms, bad rings etc. may cause hard starting.  Be sure your engine, electrical and fuel systems are in good shape prior to performing this modification.

Parts for this modification may be acquired on ebay, Parker Yamaha and your local tool supplier.

By Tim Campbell


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