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So you're ready to download your DIY 550 RC Jetski Model or maybe the DIY Jetski OBD Computer?

Ok. No Problem.

All models, files, instructions, code, support forums and future enhancements are all accessible on our private website free to Jetski Army patrons. Yes you read right - one tiny membership for all of our projects current and in the future.

We only have one level and that's the "Everything Level"!

Becoming a Patron for $3 per month (charged annually) will give you access to our DIY 550 RC Jetski Model including 3D STLs, step by step documentation, tricks, tips and a community of others who have made this iconic DIY RC 550 model as seen in the Pro Rider Jetski magazine!

But that's only the beginning, as a member you will have access to other projects like our Jetski OBD (on board diagnostics) tool, RC 550 Decal Kits, 550 RC Race Rider and more!

If you're looking for only the 3D models, example files, source code or even if you have some questions then this subscription is for you. We constantly add new content at no extra charge so welcome to the only level you need.

Hey, if your thinking - I can't do this.. Rubbish! We will help you find people in the community who can 3D print, who can solder, who can wire up a few components! It's not rocket science and hey, maybe you will learn something ;) Welcome to our community!

The Everything Level is.
  • Full library access product
  • Patron-only posts and messages
  • General Support
  • Digital downloads
  • Live chat
  • Merch
  • Work-in-progress updates (digital)
  • Help in sourcing parts or 3D prints
  • $3 USD per month, charged annually via Pay Pal

DIY 550 RC Jetski Model

Join Jetski Army as a Patron to access this project!


Join Jetski Army as a Patron to access this project!