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Get access to ALL projects for $3 per month... Crazy..

OK. Let’s get this straight. You’re not buying a fully built Jetski Army product for $36. That would be silly. Your buying a subscription to the Jetski Army Patron club that gives you all the information, files, 3D model files, tips, tricks and support to build these yourself. Your also joining the Patron club to buy parts (like plastic hulls, pre made GPS Speed Computer, RC Parts and electronics) at member prices. This is the monthly fee charged annually. Due to the nature of the digital material no refunds are available. Just had to make sure you understand that!

Remind me, what this is all about?

If you have got this far and still have no idea what your buying then step back to here. This will explain the Patron concept at Jetski.Army.

Basically if we were to sell these projects then the cost will be phenomenal, not to mention shipping, support, R&D – no thank you. We felt the only real way to share these great projects was via a Patronage.

Put simply you pay a small fee per month (charged annually to stop people scraping the files and leaving the next month!) and gain access to everything you need to do all this yourself, or at least hook up with people in your area/country that can help! The hard work has been done for you for peanuts!

What Happens Next?
So once you purchase this subscription you will be asked to enter your details into Pay Pal. Once you pay for the first year of monthly subscription fees (12 x $3) you will be granted access to the Patron section of the website. Here you can..

  • View the projects current and planned
  • Use the forum to start discussion what project is best for you to start first
  • Download files, models, 3D printable parts and instructions
  • Read articles relating to the step your up to like printing, finding a 3D printing service, print it yourself, pain etc.
  • Seek support
  • Suggest new future projects
How long will it take before I gain access to the Patron Portal to start?
If your credit card works you will gain instant access!

Will my subscription expire?
You are purchasing 1 years’ worth of access. If you cancel it at Pay Pal you will cancel your access. To stop paying the second year you will need to log into Pay Pal 24 hrs prior to your renewal and cancel your subscription, but you will also loose access to the private area of the Patron portal as well as any new projects.

What if I don't have a 3D printer?
There are many online 3D printing companies globally. You can simply send the files we provide along with our documentation and you will receive your model in the mail. Shop around or even ask your friends as many people now have these tools. Alternately you could learn something new and go buy a cheap $200 3D printer?

I am hopeless at electronics!
Just like 3D printing you have many options. Either give it a go using our documentation and support or maybe ask a millennial! They love electronics, but seriously, it’s not that hard. 

Does Jet Ski Army sell products?
From time to time we do sell or provide items for Patrons. You will need to join and contact one of us here and we can let you know what we have in stock.

What's Included?
All models, files, instructions, code, support forums and future enhancements are all accessible on our private website free to Jetski Army patrons. 

Membership includes the following for one year after each one subscription payment.
  • Full library access product
  • Patron-only posts and messages
  • General Support
  • Digital downloads
  • Live chat (timezone is GMT +10)
  • Merchandise or in stock products
  • Work-in-progress updates (digital)
  • Help in sourcing parts or 3D prints, electronics, soldering!
  • $3 USD per month, charged annually via Pay Pal
Hit that Messenger chat button down bottom right and if we are awake we will chat with you and answer any questions.
$50.00 AUD
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$100.00 AUD
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$50.00 AUD (50%)
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Total $50.00 AUD

Annual Commitment

Cost is per month charged annually. Access ALL Patron project files with no hidden costs. Subscription will auto renew in 1 year from purchase. New projects added regularly.


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