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Fresh and Salty Dual-Head Water Cooling Kit

Must Have
Dual-Head Water Cooling Kit
By using our Fresh and Salty multi cooling block kit you will increase reliability and thoroughly cool the cylinder and exhaust system by reducing operating temperatures where it matters the most. Cooler under the hood temperatures translates to increased horsepower as well as prolonged engine life. Each system deserves cool water and not shared water that ends up super hot by the time it reaches the last part and exited through the pisser. 

The dual inlet lines from your jet pump to the billet aluminum, anodized and powder-coated distribution block will provide cool water (freshwater or saltwater) to the four outlets that you choose. A Fresh and Salty cooling kit will also give the operator a piece of mind knowing that even if one of the water intake lines gets clogged with sea-weed or debri that the motor will still be provided water from the second line.

Most high power output systems should have cool water running to both cylinder heads, one to the exhaust manifold and one to the exhaust pipe. This Fresh and Salty cooling kit allows for that as well as a cleaner and less cluttered engine compartment by removing unwanted "tees" and hose junctions. Mounting is through hull with stainless steel hardware for a clean look or you can use your own adhesive.

The Fresh and Salty kit is 39 pieces and is the highest of quality with corrosion-free stainless steel (SS) hardware. This kit has everything that you will need from the correct drill bit to the tap that you need to thread those extra ports. The kit also includes installation instructions, although there are many different PWC models the basic concept is the same for installation of the Fresh and Salty kit.

The 10' of water hose is FAST-FLOW translucent fuel line that is chemical resistant and rated for temperatures from -65*f to 223*f and can bend up to 90* in 2". In fact, this kit can be used for multi-fuel distribution for those multi carburetors as well as a multi-vacuum distribution port. The hose is intact so you can cut the lengths you need and not have to worry about putting together a puzzle with a bunch of different length hoses. 

This kit is by far better quality, sexier and at a fraction of the cost of the others offered by BLOWSION and R&D. You will love your new engine compartment!



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