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ProWatercraft Racing 36″ Front Sponsons with Upper Fin

36″ Front Sponsons with Upper Fin

Our HFC Front Sponsons bring functionality with cost effectiveness. So what does it do? We have been testing this design for several years on several different models,  they all have given us the same result. Rough water stability is unmatched, side to side feel is so much better, comfort in banking and railing turns is seriously improved. All around this is next level handling and performance on a budget. The vintage series grows, enjoy the old skis with a new feel that allows you to ride longer and never want to stop.

These HFC sponsons are tough and durable as they come. The material offers a natural water-beading effect and a flat black finish to grip the water better than the competition. The kit includes 7 stainless steel screws for each side and a tube of silicone to attach it to the outside. This process has proven to be the easiest and most effective way to install front sponsons.

Race proven, designed by the pros, built to evolve your style.

Matt Goade from Retro racing worked with us to test our new upper lip front sponsons. Retro racing has a long background of perfectly balanced vintage pwc from X2 to 440/550/650, etc. Matt and I are very surprised to how well the upper fin worked with the stock exhaust hole.
“For an entry level rider, that stability is spot on”, Matt said.
“Install was easy because of the exhaust hole put the left side sponson in the correct spot for best handling. Then you can just match the right side.”
“This bolt on part is an excellent bang for the buck. Take that basic X2 to the next level of fun.”
“The top riders will love this design of sponsons too, as we do offer it without the exhaust hole for those custom race skis.”

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