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ProWatercraft Racing Wedge Rear Sponsons

Wedge Rear Sponsons

Our “Performance Wedge Rear Sponson” kit improves the riders confidence when riding their stand up watercraft. The shape of the wedge redirects water below the bond flange improving water flow and adding up to 2 MPH of speed. Along with the wedge is our tested, relief rear sponson design for the same rear grip advantage as our Performance Rear Sponsons.

Installation requires drilling out 4 rivets and the front mounting hole for the Kawasaki SXR Wedge Rear Sponsons. After this, apply silicone to the edges/bolt holes and tighten down the bolts.

The design was created by Chris Hagest. He says: These Performance Rear Sponsons offer improved turning grip, better stability in a straight line and when leaning over in a turn, and up to a 2 mile per hour speed increase!

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