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Jetski & Vehicle Tracker MKII

Must Have
Jetski  & Vehicle Tracker MKII

Jetski Army Tracker MkII: Navigate, Monitor, and Conquer the Thieves with Ease

Elevate your jetski experience with the Jetski Army Tracker Mark 2, the ultimate navigation companion tailored for water sports enthusiasts. This state-of-the-art GPS tracking device not only offers real-time location data but also ensures you stay connected and in control during your aquatic adventures.




Unmatched Performance
The Tracker Mark 2 features advanced GPS technology, enabling you to track speed, route, and location with exceptional accuracy. Its robust construction is designed to withstand the marine environment, providing durability against water, salt, and sunlight exposure.

Effortless Installation and Connectivity
Enjoy the convenience of "bolt and play" installation with the Jetski Army Tracker Mark 2. The device comes with an international SIM, eliminating the need to source and install your own SIM card, unlike the original version. This means seamless global connectivity without the hassle. The included SIM card has enough credit to last approximately 2-3 years, and we proactively contact you for a recharge when your credit runs low – it's that simple! No need to open the unit; just bolt it to your battery, and you're set to go.

Comprehensive App Support
With the Jetski Army Tracker app for iOS and Android, managing your maritime journeys becomes a breeze. Monitor your trips in real-time, access historical data, and adjust device settings effortlessly through a user-friendly interface.

Durable and Protective
The Tracker Mark 2 is safeguarded with a silicon sock, enhancing its durability and protection against the elements. This ensures the tracker remains operational and reliable, even in challenging marine conditions.

Battery Maintenance Recommendation
Consistent with the advice of all jetski and small battery vehicle manufacturers, we recommend using a battery maintainer to ensure your jetski's battery remains charged and ready for action. This simple step can significantly extend the life and reliability of your battery, ensuring you can hit the water whenever the mood strikes.

Free Fast Local & International Shipping
To support our global community of jetski enthusiasts, we offer free international shipping. Wherever your adventures lead, the Jetski Army Tracker Mark 2 is within easy reach.

Your Adventure Awaits
Embark on your water-bound adventures with confidence and sophistication. The Jetski Army Tracker Mark 2 transcends typical GPS functionality, offering a comprehensive, worry-free navigation and security solution.

Ready to revolutionize your riding experience? Purchase the Jetski Army Tracker Mark 2 today, complete with hassle-free connectivity and global reach. Start your journey towards smarter, safer, and more thrilling jetski adventures now!
$199.00 AUD
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$238.00 AUD
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$39.00 AUD (16%)
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Total $199.00 AUD

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May 2024
I paid full price a week ago, now its on special ;(

Sergeant: No you didn't - I just refunded your pay pal the difference as that sucks!
May 2024
Couldent get the stick pay to stick to the waterproof thing.. But other than tat came with everything I need. Very precise.

Sergeant: Hi, The sticky pad is designed for a watercraft and not to be stuck to the silicon sleeve, nothing sticks to silicon. The pad is if you don't need a oil proof unit like on a car or motorbike. The pad has a hole to detect if someone tries to remove the device.
May 2024
Arrived in about 6 days to USA. I think its from Australia. Worked well and I use Android. The Website is easier to do the fencing stuff, but overall I think this is good idea.
May 2024
Worked as described. Easier to setup than I thought. Connect to battery and done. I think its great.
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