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550 RC Hardware Kit

550 RC Hardware Kit

NOTE: This is kit is cheaper if your a Patron!

This is a complete kit of tested parts that JSA have refined over the last year to make our 550 RC.

The kit includes

1 x 22mm Hole Turbo Water Thruster Jet Pump Spray 26mm Propeller + 2860 KV3400 Brushless Motor Water Cooled, Water Piping, Mounting, Intake Grate, 2 Plastic Props (they suck), Pisser and steering gear

1 x  Aluminum Metal CNC Propeller Jet Pump Thruster Propeller Prop 4mm x 26mm as the plastic ones are shit

1 x FLYCOLOR 2-6S Brushless Motor ESC 90A Forward Backward Water Cooling Speed Controller 2-6S

1 x  Waterproof Metal Gear 25kg 330Hz Large Torque Digital Servo

1 x RC Model X6 2.4G 6CH RC Radio Transmitter with X6FG Gyro Receiver for RC Car Vehicles Boat Marine 

Whats Missing

LiPO Batteries - You need to get them locally as shipping them internationally is hard.
Brass Tube to hold steering - Get from the hardware or a model shop
3D printed steering bracket - or make something up from the servo kit - its easy.


Package Details
Lenght: 30cm (12 inches)
Width: 21cm (8.2 inches)
Height: 19cm (7.4 inches)
Weight: 1.35kg (3 pounds)

We drop ship this kit ONLY using DHL, whilst a little more expensive no one likes waiting 40 days for a package -  so really Jet Ski Army do not make any markup, its no secret. We only sell these kits to make your life easier. You pay us, we pay them. Yes they are from China. If this is an issue feel free to source your own parts.


You get 3 month guarantee, and 14 days return policy after get the item, you can buy with confidence.
If you receive a unsatisfactory item or don't arrive in time. Please send supplier a message via [email protected] and CC [email protected]. We promise to give you a satisfactory solution in one working day.
Please contact us before you return it, we will try our best to solve your problem.

Availability: Amount
Total $495.00 AUD

Complete Kit

Simply purchase this kit if you do not want to source your own parts.